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I am a common type of boy with the age: 33. My father was Shiva Datta Paudel, who was the teacher of a secondary school in Rupandehi as well as Spiritual Worker. Now, He is not in this world. However, I am Brahmin in cast and Hindu in religion but I also take interest on the Cristian. I am a pure Nepalese and a citizen of Butwal city. I have really happy and wonderful personality. I take interest in all every field.

Link to My Facebook Profile:  https://www.facebook.com/biratpdl

Human is the favorite creature of the god. We feel a pleasure when we get the favorites things and when we meet the favorite people.

My Favorites:

Favorite Color: Pink -  the rose have this color.
Favorite Flower: Rose - it is the flower to express the love.
Favorite Animal: Dog - it is innocent and obedient.
Favorite Gargets: Samsung Products -  It is one of the top company on this world.
Favorite Vehicle: Bicycle - it improves your health.
Favorite Place: Lumbini - it is the most peaceful place; we need peace.
Favorite Singer: Sugam Pokhrel - his songs have nice piano - melodies.
Favorite Movie: Titanic - a pure love story was told by old woman.
Favorite Creature: Human - he has the supreme mind when utilizing it.

My Interests:

- Working with Computers: I feel happy to when I am working with computers. Using and upgrading the operating system, apps and scripts which will give an advanced knowledge on it. 

- Playing with Music : I love to play the musical keyboard which gives the melodious tunes and rhythms which gives a wonderful pleasure on our mind and body if musical melody is arranged properly. Different people like different music randomly. 

- Analyzing Astrology:  I am also interested to analyse the working of Astrology / traditional calendar & system.

Cycling : I love the bicycle - riding. It is too romantic and comfortable to use it. and It is best vehicle for best health. Lightest bicycles are comfortable to ride and easy to drive. 

- And More Interests in Many Fields...

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