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Birat Paudyal as a Cool Boy 😀:
I am a a of boy with the age: 35. My father was Shiva Datta Paudel, who was the teacher of a secondary school in Rupandehi as well as Spiritual Worker. He was too much tallent in his field. Now, He is not in this world. He died. However, I am Brahmin in cast and Hindu in religion but I also take interest on the Cristian religion too. I am a Nepalese and a citizen of Butwal city. I have really happy and wonderful personality as said by my family & friends. I take interest in all every field . People are supposing me as a multi tallent boy but  that may be their view accordingly but in my openion, I take interest in each-every field. I take interest in knowing the mystery of nature. I love to help people who is in problem. specially I have been working as a the technican I feel happy when I solves the people's technical problem(problem of Computers & Laptops). when they thanks me. 

Birat Paudyal as a hot boy: I do not know why my body is too hot. In cold season, I do not like to wear too much cloths because my body become naturally warm, not need to wear any more jackets etc. Neighbours & people get surprized when I wear minimum cloths on my body or you can freely think about the +18 meaning of hot boy too. hehe. 

My Favorites:

Human is the favorite creature of the god. We feel a pleasure when we get the favorites things and when we meet the favorite people.

Favorite Color: Pink -  the rose have this color.
Favorite Flower: Rose - it is the flower to express the love.
Favorite Animal: Dog - it is innocent and obedient.
Favorite Gargets: Samsung Products -  It is one of the top company on this world.
Favorite Vehicle: Bicycle - it improves your health.
Favorite Place: Lumbini - it is the most peaceful place; we need peace.
Favorite Singer: Sugam Pokhrel - I like it because his songs have nice piano - melodies.
Favorite Movie: Titanic - a pure love story was told by old woman.
Favorite Creature: Human - he has the supreme mind when utilizing it.


- Working with Computers:

I feel happy when I am working with computer(s). However I am working as a Computer Technician, Using and upgrading the operating systems and hardware, apps and scripts which will gives me a new ideas and techniques so that I can do with next one.

 I like Installing operating system, learning and working with Command Prompts, coding in with php, html, visual basic code, I feel a kind of joy.

- Playing with Music : I love to play the musical keyboard which gives the melodious tunes and rhythms which gives a wonderful pleasure on our mind and body if musical melody is arranged properly. Different people like different music randomly. 

- Analyzing Astrology:  I am also interested to analyse the working of Astrology / traditional calendar & system.

Cycling :

I love the bicycle - riding. It is too romantic and comfortable to use it. and It is best vehicle for best health. Lightest bicycles are comfortable to ride and easy to drive. 

My Activities:

I enjoy swimming pool in every hot season. It improves the health. It energies the body and mind too. Water is the gift of nature. 

When we swim, we fall in the cusmic nature if you gonna swim well.    

and smimming is a way of physical exercise too. It not only loses the weight but also it improves digestive system, circulatory system and etc therefore we feel little thirsty when you swim for more then 1 hours. 

- And More Interests in Many Fields...

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