Tuesday, August 11, 2015

When I first downloaded Windows 10.

         When I knew that Microsoft was building Windows 10, I became very happy. I was feeling much positively excited and I searched for the link in Microsoft's official website to find the exact web location to download the Windows Insider builds(formerly Technical Preview Builds) for windows 10. Then after Microsoft had been continuously building the insider builds for windows 10. Then after, I was also continuously downloading the latest builds. The first build that I was installed in my PC was Windows 10 Build 9926. After that, I started to download next builds in a regular basis. When Microsoft used to provide the latest  update, I used to download that patch quickly. I tried Build 10130, Build 10162,10240, etc.
            Not only for my computer but also for my client's computer, I installed windows 10(about in 100 of pcs).
Wow. the latest patches are more amazing. Great!

    The another important day for my windows technical life was July-29. Microsoft had announced this day to get ready of latest windows operating system: Windows 10 Final Edition. I was waiting for that day to get the great experience of Windows 10 Enterprise Final Edition. But, the situation became not good. When I downloaded the iso file of the new windows o/s, the 'BLTS' edition was downloaded. I was too worried. But, I did not stop my practice. I again tried for next downloads and finally I was able to create the new fresh DVD of windows 10. Although, It is 3-months trial edition (for clear install), I feel proud to use Windows 10 Enterprise. Enjoying More, Technically!!!  

Friends, windows 10 is great but the overall performance is not better than Windows 7 however Microsoft is continuously practicing for better performance and stability. Windows 10 is the better operating system, when your PC has hardware of high configuration otherwise Windows 7 is the right selection.

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